Easy API Activity for Journey Builder

Build custom API request in Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey Builder. Use data and templates to take personalization to the next level.

Super charge your journey builder by accessing ANY kind of API request.

Create Custom API Requests

Easily build your own API requests. Use GET to find out the latest weather data to customize your email content.

Or use POST to send your contact from the current journey into a different journey. No more automations needed!

SFMC Postman Activity

Create and Store Templates

You can easily save your API as a template. Load existing templates to save time!

Templates are shared within your team, allowing them to easily use them without having to start from scratch!

Store custom variables to build faster

You can store frequently used variables in custom environment that are only available to you. Have multiple clients? Store them in a different environment and stay clutter free!

Environment: Basic

Insert your key/value pairs on this page. Please note: Keys are not allowed to start with numbers or special characters, these are also disabled for the fields. Once saved, all values are overwritten with the latest values.

What are you waiting for?

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Additional Features

Why stop with just journey builder?

Get additional insight based on your usage information, or collaborate with a colleague by adding them to your account and more...

Easy User Management

Easily invite team-member, manage their access level, or remove users.

Get real time performance from your journey dashboard. Know which journeys are actively used or help evaluate if a journey is successful.

See total API's used

Easily see how many API call are remaining, or switch to a subscription and get lower rates and unlimited usage.

No subscription required

You can use this application also by buying bulk API, calls. No subscription or credit card required to start.

Trial Access


For if you just want to try out the activity.

Free 10.000 API calls

Unlimited API Calls

Unlimited Templates

Unlimited Environments and Variables

Top-up required when API credits reaches 0



Per Month excl. VAT.

Unlimited API calls*

Unlimited Templates

Unlimited Environments and Variables


Cancel anytime

*Unlimited API calls is based on Tier usage pricing:
Quantity Price per unit Flat amount
For the first 1 to 100,000 €100.00
For the next 100,001 to 500,000 €0.0007 -
For the rest €0.0005 -


Each excl. VAT.

100.000 Extra API Calls

No expiration on credits

Top-up required when API credits reaches 0

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